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DR. JOSE RIZAL Calle Real,Calamba, LagunaPhilippines Curriculum Vitae PERSONAL IDENTITY Full Name : Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda Sex : Male Place/Date of Birth : Calamba, Laguna/ June 19,1861 Religion : Roman Catholic Marital Status : Single Address : Calle Real, Calamba, Laguna Philippines Mother’s Name : Teodora Alonzo y Quintos Father’s Name : Francisco Mercado Rizal LANGUAGES •Filipino Catalan Italian Ilokano •Spanish Chinese Malayan Dutch •French English Portuguese •Latin German Russian •Greek Hebrew Sanskrit •Arabic Japanese Swedish EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 869 – 1872 Binan, Calamba Under Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruz 1872 – 1877 Ateneo Municipal. Manila Elemntary to High School 1877 – 1880 Ateneo Municipal. Manila Land Sureying 1877 – 1878 University of Santo Tomas. Manila Philosophy [Cosmology, Theodicy, Metaphysics, History of Philosophy] 1878 – 1879 Preparatory Course in Medicine 1879 – 1882 Faculty of Medicine and Surgery 1882 – 1884 Univesidad Central de Madrid [License in Medicine. 1884] [PhD in Philosophy and Letters. 1885] 1885 – 1886 University of Paris 1886 – 1887 University of Heidelberg [PhD in Ophthalmology. 887] ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS and AWARDS 1877 – 1878 Ateneo Municipal Sobresaliente. Agrimensor y Perito Tasador de Tierras. [Land Surveying Course]. 1878 – 1881 University of Santo Tomas Acto Metafisica. Metaphysics. Sobresaliente. In the four Philosophy Subjects. Sobresaliente. Advances Chemistry, Therapeutics, Medical Matter and Art of Prescribing. 1879 “A La Juventud Filipina”. First Prize in Liceo Artistico Literario de Manila 1880 “El Consejo de los Dioses”. First Prize in Liceo Artistico Literario de Manila 1890 La Solidaridad Master Mason by Le Grand Orient de France in Paris.

ACADEMIC TITLES •Agriculturist Conchologist Linguist Poet •Anthropologist Ethnologist Ophthalmologist Propagandist •Archeologist Historian Pharmacologist Researcher •Botanist Ichthyologist Philosopher Scientist •Cartograoher Journalist Physician Sociologist WORKING EXPERIENCE 1885 – 1886 Assistant to Dr. Louis de Wecker. Paris 1886 – 1887 University Eye Hospital under the direction of Dr. Otto Becker. Heidelberg, Germany 1887 Training in Dr. Javier Galezowsky’s Clinic in Germany Assistant in the clinic of Dr. Karl Ernest Scweigger. Berlin 1887 – 1888 Medical Practice at Calamba 889 – 1896 Journalist. La Solidaridad. Spain 1891 – 1892 Medical Practice at Hongkong 1892 – 1896 Medical Practice at Dapitan Maestro Farmer 1896 Volunteered Physician at Cuba MEMBERSHIPS 1883 Masonic Order affliated with Lodge Acacia. Madrid Propaganda Movement. La Solidaridad 1887 Anthropological Society, the Ethnological Society, and the Geographical Society. Berlin 1892 Founded La Liga Flipina. Manila TRAVELS May 3, 1882 Singapore via steamer Salvadora May 17 -18, 1882 Point Galle and Colombo Ceylon via steamsip Djemnah 1882 Aden to Red Sea Terminal of Suez Canal

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June 11, 1882 Naples via steamship Djemnah June 12, 1882 Marseilles via steamship Djemnah June 16, 1882 Barcelona, Spain via railway November 3, 1882 Madrid, Spain June 1883, 1885 Paris, Italy 1885,1887 Berlin, Germany February 3, 1886 Heidelberg, Germany August 14, 1886 Leipzig, Germany October 29, 1886 Dresden, Germany May 13, 1887 Grand Tour to Europe with Maximo Viola via railroad arriving at Leitmeritz, Bohemia. May 20, 1887 Vienna, Austria May 24, 1887 Lintz via river boat traveling from Salzburg and from there to Munich. From Munich they went to Nuremberg, an old ity of Germany. From Ulm, they went to Stuttgart, Baden and then Rheinfal June 2-3, 1887 Schaffhausen and Geneva, Switzerland June 27, 1887 Turin, Milan, Venice, Rome and Florence in Italy July 3, 1887 From Rome to Marsailles via train boarding the steamer Djemnah July 30, 1887 Stopover at Saigon, Vietnam and transferred steamer to Haiphong. August 5, 1887 Arrival at Manila August 8, 1887 Arrival at Calamba February 8,1888 Arrival at Hongkong via Zafiro February 18, 1888 Macao via ferry steamer Kiu-Kiang February 22, 1888 Left Hngkong boarding American steamer Oceanic

February 28, 1888 Arrival at Yokohama, Japan March 2, 1888 Tokyo, Japan April 13, 1888 Boarded English steamer Belgic going to United States April 28 – May13, 1888 Arrival at San Francisco, United States Oakland, United States by ferry boat passing at Reno, Nevada. Then State of Utah. From Ogden to Denver. Passed through Colorado arriving at Nebraska then to Omaha and Illinois. Chicago and Albany. Finally, arrived at New York, last trip. May 16, 1888 Boarded the ship Great Eastern going to London May 1888 Arrival at Liverpool, England May 25, 1888 Arrival at London

September 1888 Paris, Italy December 11, 1888 Barcelona, Spain Madrid, Spain 1889 Paris, Italy January 28, 1890 Brussels, Belgium August 1890 Madrid, Spain July 5, 1891 Ghent, Belgium November 1891 – June 1892 Hongkong June 26, 1892 Second arrival at Manila September 21, 1892 Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte August 1, 1896 Dumaguete via steamer Espana August 2, 1896 Cebu via steamer Espana then sailed to Capiz going to Manila September 2, 1896 Transfered to steamer Isla de Panay going to Barcelona, Spain September 7, 1896 Second Arrival at Singapore October 3, 1896 Arrival at Barcelona

November 3, 1896 Arrival at Manila via ship Colon PUBLICATIONS AND WORKS 1887 Noli Me Tangere. Berlin, Germany 1891 El Filibusterismo. Ghent, Belguim 1889 – 1896 La Solidaridad. Editorials and Essays. oThe Filipino Farmers. Vol 1. March 25, 1889 oHow One Governs in Filipinas. Dec. 15, 1890 oTo La Defensa. Vol 1. Apr. 30, 1889 oA La Patria. Vol 1. Nov. 15, 1889 oSeamos Justos. Apr. 15, 1890 oEnsanamiento. Vol 1. Aug. 15,1889 oUna Esperanza. Vol 2. July 15, 1890 oFilipinas En El Congreso. Vol 2. Mar. 31, 1890 oThe Truth For All.

Vol 2. May 31, 1889 oA Profanation. Vol 1. July 31, 1889 oNew Truths. Vol 1. July 31, 1889 oPhilippine A Century Hence. Vol 1-2. Sept. 1889-Feb. 1990 oTears and Laughter. Vol 1. Nov. 30, 1889 oIngratitude. Vol 1, Jan. 15, 1890 oReply to Barrantes’ criticism of Noli Me Tangere. Feb. 2, 1890 oNameless. Vol 2. Feb. 28, 1890 oPhilippine Affairs. Vol 2. Apr. 30, 1890 oIndolence. Vol 2. Jul. 15-Sept. 1 1890 oCowardly Revenge. Aug. 31, 1890 ———– Rizal’s Annotations to Morga’s 1609 Philippine History Some Paintings Dapitan Churc Curtain. 1894 Spanish Coat of Arms. 1867 Christ Crucified. 875 Portrait of Morayta. 1885 Some Sculptures Sacred Heart of Jesus. 1894 Bust of Mirabeau. For Valentin Ventura Bust Presented in Solon of Paris. 1889 Some Poems Sa Aking Kabata. 1869 To The Virgin Mary. 1877 Education Gives Luster to the Motherland. 1876 To Josephine. 1896 To the Philippines Youth. 1877 Song of Maria Clara. 1877 A Poem that has No Title. 1869 Hymn to Labor. 1869 Memories of my Town. 1869 Our Mother Tongue. 1869 To the Philippines Flower among Flowers Mi Ultimo Adios. 1896 DR. JOSE RIZAL References: http://www. joserizal. ph/dp03. html http://simple. wikipedia. rg/wiki/Jose_Rizal http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index? qid=20080713014830AAEy8aL http://www. scribd. com/doc/58222351/Rizal-at-Ust http://hubpages. com/hub/Jose-Rizal-in-Spain http://www. buzzle. com/articles/life-story-of-jose-rizal. html http://iamermel. blogspot. com/ http://nurseslabs. com/news/life-and-travels-of-jose-rizal/ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Jose_Rizal http://joserizal. info/Biography/portal-biog. htm Jose Rizal’s Political and Historical Writings Vol III by Alejandro R. Roces Rizal in Retrospect by Carlos Quirino. 1961 Rizal in Saga by Nick Joaquin. 1996

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