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Craze for fashion Fashion means to make things in life in such a way as are subject to change in form and style according to the prevailing traditions. Fashion may be in dress ,ornaments, hairstyle,customs,in food and drink,in amusements or in manners. Fashion change like wind which makes it difficult for mankind to keep pace with them. Fashion is found both among men and women. There is much craze for fashion among boys and girls. They watch T. V programmes,see films and copy their star’s of talking dress and walking.

They love dresses of latest cuts and designs. They run after the new showy and eye catching dresses. Girls move freely in new fashion like butterflies. Boys too copy the filmactors in their actions,costumes,hair style and even in walking. They keep long hairlike girls. On the other hand girls like boy-cut hair and boyish look. The girls wear pants mini-skirts,shorts,etc. , Boys and girls have made it a fashion to talk about cricket matches and films. It is a for them to drive two wheelers at very high speeds.

They have also made it a fashion to talk to their parents in English style instead of respecting them like Indians. They have made it fashion to run down their elders. There is no harm in changing fashions but excess of everything is bad. The craze for fashion must not go too far. People feel fashion is an indication of good taste. But fashion has no fixed standard. There is so quick changes in fashion that a common man suffers a lot. It becomes very difficult to cope with the modern fashion.

There was fashion of wearing baggy pants,but nowthe latest fashion is of wearing tight pants and bell-bottoms. The change in fashion is the result of man’s love for novelty. There is an instinct in man to look like hero. Most of these fashions are the result of films. It is not awise step for man to become a slave of fashions. He should not blindly follow the fashions. The man who does not become slave to fashions and maintains his originality is called a “TRUE MAN”.

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