Special BookClub: Mother-Daughter BookClub

BookClub is collaborating with certified parent coach, Cara Pollard for a Mother and Daughter BookClub. We created a dynamic series of speakers, books and simple crafting projects to have a meaningful experience engaging with each other as mother and daughter.

Session 1 – Moms Only (all groups)

Jan 17 Tuesday 7 pm

We will introduce the conversation topics, books and hear from the moderator/Cara Pollard on how the sessions will go. At this time we will leave it open discussion for topics that moms want to discuss. If you cannot attend you can send me your request and we will send you a follow up message.

Session 2 – Mother + Daughters
Book: Frazzled, by Book Vivat
Art/Craft: Tag it art!

Session 3 – Mother + Daughters, additional guests Nutritionist and Physical Trainer
Book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith
Art/Craft: Mother Daughter Journal

Session 4 – Mother + Daughters, additional guest a woman Police Officer
Heirloom, Alexandra Folz
Art/Craft: Bracelet

Optional Closing Meeting – TBD
Out of My Mind, Sharon Draper
Art/Craft: Wall Hanging Fabric Circle

Group 1
January 17, 22 February 12, March 19
12 pm – 2pm

Group 2

January 17, 22 February 12, March 19
3:30 pm – 5:30pm

Group 3
January 17, February 12, March 12, 26
9:30 am – 11:30 am and 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

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