Independent Projects For Kids and Adults

Follow your muse to the yellow doors.

Always wanted experience studying with an artist one on one?  Letting your creativity and insight into a favorite book take you on journey of self discovery? That’s what our Independent Projects for Kids and Adults is all about. We develop personalized programs to bring out your inner artist and personal expression.




Kids get up close and personal with a favorite book through art. Whether your child wants to take a school project deeper or has an interest in a particular art form, we can create a project that builds confidence and triumph.




Give yourself the gift of quiet creative self-expression. Our independent studio time offering is tailored to what you want to explore and how you wish to express it. From book selections to art mediums, we will help you create a meaningful experience with a professional artist, right in our Wicker Park Studio.


Need a little inspiration? Here are some suggestions:


Journal and Books Write your own story in a handmade journal or create your own book with illustrations and a story.


Personal Stationery Make a note even more personal with stationery you’ve made yourself.


Boxes Bring out your inner Joseph Cornell with boxes inspired by words. Imagine all the things stored inside a box inspired by Rumi. What would you keep inside?


Silhouettes Just like the Victorians used to do. Draw and cut the silhouette of a loved one in traditional paper form. Or in felt, to create a pillow.


Masks Create a piece to be worn or hung on the wall. Is there a character in a story you’ve always wanted to bring to life?


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