Adult BookClub

Want more out of your book group? Join the Club.


Better conversation, art making and creativity all with Adult BookClub

Ready to infuse something extra into your current book club? Or looking to start fresh? Perfect. Come to our Wicker Park studio to create beautiful artist-led projects, over authentic and deeper conversation about your book selection. Through art-making, you can explore current trends, poetry, cookbooks, guilty pleasures or timeless classics.


We curate the art project and discussion based on what you and your group wish to explore and experience.


Weekday and Weekend Evenings


6-9 pm and Fridays 11 am-1 pm


We provide tea, coffee, water, cutlery, napkins


B.Y.O.B. BookClub (Bring Your Own Book and Bottle)


Friends, wine and food, a great book and excitement to join in conversation and art.


Create your book club by picking from the following options.


Cost and Details


Option 1
$20 per person each session
$160 per person for 8 sessions (yearly)


Your group meets on its own in our space, without moderator or art making.


Option 2
Additional $25 per person each session


Your group meets with a moderator to guide the discussion


Option 3
Additional $25 per person each session


Need help planning your BookClub? Just fill out the form below and we will be in contact to help out.